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Georgetown Rainbows in the Shallows

Took a drive over the weekend and saw these brutes doing their spawn at Georgetown Lake. Can’t fish for these right now—nor should we while they’re doing this—but they are fun to watch. Dipped the Go Pro for a few … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain Front Hunting

Came across these images as I started my annual image organizing project that never seems to get done. This is the year! This is the year! You know the feeling, I’m sure. Ok, my takeaway from these images is this: … Continue reading

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Fishing Trip Gone Alberta Landscape

I can’t ignore landscape. I’m even impressed when driving through the “holes” that other people can’t stand, including eastern Washington, eastern Montana, all of North Dakota, and southern Manitoba. All beautiful in my eyes, as long as you use your … Continue reading

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Mahi on Flying Fish

This video is well worth watching, especially if you’ve chased these awesome fish, sometimes called mahi mahi, other times dolphin, other times dorado. I used to fish these in the Florida Keys every late spring and early summer and our … Continue reading

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You Write The Caption—9

This probably isn’t something I would send the kids out to do. Yes, you won’t hear me shouting, “Go play in the fire!” But when someone of reasonable age decides that they have enough moonshine in them to pull off … Continue reading

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GoPro Session Hero 4

You know what’s not fair in life? I’ll tell you. I don’t own a GoPro camera. And that’s become even more of an issue since GoPro introduced the Session, a super compact amazing piece of machinery that makes documenting a … Continue reading

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Look Who’s Been “Hanging” Out

It’s been an interesting summer and fall at the Thomas household. Recently, we’ve had a few unique visits, several from a big, brown-colored black bear, plus a raccoon and numerous whitetail deer. Just this morning I saw this

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Brown Trout Spank-Down from Montana Wild

Saw this video on today and wanted to share what some local Missoula boys are doing. In this vid they travel south, all the way to southern Idaho, to tangle with tailwater browns. I don’t think the river is … Continue reading

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You Write The Caption—8

Nothing like puppies, unless you are the one who has to take care of 11 of them by yourself. This picture shows just the yellow part of the equation from a litter my black lab, Shadow, had back in the … Continue reading

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You Write the Caption—7

I think one of the best things about fly-fishing is getting out in the country to see all there is to see. And part of that, for me, is wildlife. I love watching animals and have, some would say, wasted … Continue reading

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