You Write The Caption—8

Nothing like puppies, unless you are the one who has to take care of 11 of them by yourself. This picture shows just the yellow part of the equation from a litter my black lab, Shadow, had back in the 1990s. Some of  you probably remember seeing images of my other dog, Moose, in magazines and books, and many of you probably met him on the river. He’s in this picture, too. These dogs were my constant companions. This may have been their first chance to test the water and they look a little hesitant. Tell you the truth, I’ve been dog less for five years and fishing isn’t quite as fun, in my mind, without a dog along for the ride. Let’s see what kind of caption you can come up with for this one. GT

Here’s a pack full of trouble getting ready to test the water for the first time. Moose is the large male just behind and too the left of the lead dog.

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