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Seeing The Future: Mother’s Day Caddis on Washington’s Upper Columbia

Dry fly season came early to Montana this year, and there’s not doubt it’s kicking over in Washington State, too. One of the best hatches of the year is near, that being the Mother’s Day Caddis and one of the … Continue reading

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Ambler Haul Road Threatens Alaska’s Brooks Range

This certainly isn’t the best news on Alaska. Seems like we push back one threat and here come five more. I have not fished or hiked through the Brooks Range, but I know it is one of the wildest places … Continue reading

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Montana Bull Trout Redd Numbers Decline

I love what bull trout bring to the table—a reason for kicking your ass to get into the backcountry where some of the best fishing for this native char is found. Each year I hoist the backpack and take off … Continue reading

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Alaska Kings On The Six Weight

Ran across this photo yesterday and snapped a shot of it with the phone. It definitely takes me back in the day. I took this photo when a friend and I were working in Southeast Alaska and fishing as often … Continue reading

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Hatch Guide: Mother’s Day Caddis

Note: Not sure when I wrote this or for whom, but I found it while searching my files and thought it would be worth posting. You’ve got a couple months before this hatch hits, but it’s worth thinking about it … Continue reading

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April or May for Blue Horizon Permit

Just got a  note yesterday from Blue Horizon lodge, with some open and discounted rates for spring 2023. I spent some time at Blue Horizon not long ago and simply loved the focus on permit. Staying at Blue Horizon is … Continue reading

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Go Time For Montana Trout

Ok, there are flakes falling today and the high will be 35, and it doesn’t look better for the rest of the week. But, things are changing here in Missoula, Montana, with the snowbanks slowly creeping away from the edge … Continue reading

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Gil’s Worldwide At Denver Fly Fishing Show This Week

I’ll be at the Denver Fly Fishing Show this week/weekend. Show begins Friday and I’ll be at the Gil’s Fly Fishing International booth. I am the editor-in-chief of the travel company’s magazine, Fly Fishing International. You want to talk outdoor … Continue reading

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Where In The Fly Fishing World #1

If you’ve been around a bit and you fancy yourself a permit junkie, you may recall having seen this a time or two during your escapades. If you haven’t stood over this piece of art you are cheating yourself out … Continue reading

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Dries For Big Rainbows and Char on American Creek

I live in Montana where trout are king. When I travel to Alaska I usually do so for salmon and steelhead, which I can’t find in Big Sky Country. Oh, I’ve leeched up some big fall rainbows on the Kenai … Continue reading

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