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Seeing The Future: Mother’s Day Caddis on Washington’s Upper Columbia

Dry fly season came early to Montana this year, and there’s not doubt it’s kicking over in Washington State, too. One of the best hatches of the year is near, that being the Mother’s Day Caddis and one of the … Continue reading

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Hatch Guide: Mother’s Day Caddis

Note: Not sure when I wrote this or for whom, but I found it while searching my files and thought it would be worth posting. You’ve got a couple months before this hatch hits, but it’s worth thinking about it … Continue reading

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Montana Caddis Hatch

One of the best early-season hatches of the year is the “Mother’s Day” caddis and it came off big time, well before Mother’s Day ever arrived. I shot this video on the Clark Fork River while fishing with Orvis’ marketing … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch

A breathe through your nose event Southwest Montana’s big-name streams are best known for their massive salmonfly hatch, an event that brings large trout to the surface and anglers to the rivers in droves. If you choose to fish

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Streamers on the Big Hole…and Beer Bongs

Streamers, Mother’s Day Caddis … and Beer Bongs If you’ve read much of my work, including Fly Bible: Montana you probably know that the Big Hole River is my favorite Montana stream for a variety of reasons, some having to … Continue reading

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