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Best Danner Hiking Boots for the Trail and the Street

I don’t like unboxing videos. And I don’t like reviews of products that simply announce their availability. That’s the easy way out. And I’ve done it when there’s no choice but to include products in a themed list of say, … Continue reading

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Looking Back, at Manitoba Moose

Came across this short clip from a trip to Manitoba a few years ago. One of the most exciting trips of my life and what a moment . . . returning to camp after a successful hunt and a one-shot … Continue reading

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Selkirk Caribou On The Brink Of Extinction

This is a true bummer, a unique species trying to make a go of it and getting no love in return. I mean, come on . . . caribou in Idaho and Montana? That’s worth saving. If we can’t save … Continue reading

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2016 Hunting Wrap

I didn’t get out in the field as often as I wanted this fall, but who ever does, except George Cook. Fortunately, I got to take part in several great hunts, including an archery antelope foray with my girls where … Continue reading

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Montana Whitetail Hunting With Daughters

Finally, this boy found some time to get into the field. And the only way I did that was by playing hardball with my girls. Did they want to spend the weekend hunting? No way. They wanted playdates and sleepovers … Continue reading

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Fall: Too Many Options

Every dedicated outdoorsman knows that fall is too short. There are too many good options at this time of year and not enough time to do them all. Fishing for cutthroats. Fishing for steelhead. Hunting birds. Hunting big game. All … Continue reading

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Getting My Manitoba Moose

In late September I got back from one of the most epic adventures of my life, a moose hunt in northern Manitoba. I’ve wanted to hunt moose for most of my life and just couldn’t draw a tag in Montana … Continue reading

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Wyoming’s Red Desert Mule Deer Migration

Most of us don’t only fish. Many of us hunt and simply enjoy wildlife, too. I definitely fall into that lot and I found this video to be pretty interesting. Check it out. Mule deer migration out of Wyoming’s Red … Continue reading

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Yeti’s Mother of All Father’s Day Contest

Father’s Day is right around the corner and wouldn’t it be nice, if you aren’t actually going to be on the water, to at least win something that you’ll use on the water or in the field? Look no farther … Continue reading

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The Failed Montana Deer Hunt 2013

Well, not completely failed. I had a great time with friends and family. But, let’s put it this way. I got greedy, passed up on two mega-bucks, thought I would see them again, and never did. And I never saw … Continue reading

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