Look Who’s Been “Hanging” Out

It’s been an interesting summer and fall at the Thomas household. Recently, we’ve had a few unique visits, several from a big, brown-colored black bear, plus a raccoon and numerous whitetail deer. Just this morning I saw this particular bear on the side of the road feasting on a deer that had been killed by a car. Montana FWP chased it around the neighborhood, but I’m sure he’ll be back. He likes apples, lots and lots of apples.

Nice buck.

I first saw this bear after finding signs of him in our yard. Just after dark I peaked through the back door and shined a flashlight onto the hill in our backyard. Didn’t see anything. Then, as I was about to walk away I noticed movement next to my leg and there was this enormous black bear with its nose three inches away from my left thigh. I may have let out a little girl scream but I’m not saying that as fact. I do know this: I backed one of my daughters away from the sliding door and told the other to stop as she ran toward the door to check out the bear. A

Hey, who’s playing the jokes around here!

few minutes later it was in the apple tree staring through out window at eye level. My parents were in town and it was quite the exciting night.

If you don’t have a trail camera you should get one. This makes a backyard into a wilderness, whether you’re documenting the neighbor’s cat prowling around, or the actual neighbors. In my case, I could see almost anything—black and grizzly bears, cougars (the mountain lion variety), coyotes, maybe

This one is a little more manageable.

wolves . . . and all sorts of other critters. Here are a few images from our recent visits. If you’re bored this weekend, grab a trail camera, set it up and place it in your backyard or in the woods and see comes by.

Oh, yea, he could pull you out of a tree if that’s what he desired.

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