Simms/Costa Release Mighty Waters

One of the least heralded islands in the Bahamas chain is Bimini. This small island rests just 50-some miles away from Miami and was one of the inspirations for Hemingway’s book Islands In The Stream. It it’s also where Hemingway chased marlin and other pelagic species when he wasn’t doing the same in Cuba.

While Hemingway’s time on Bimini is well documented, you may not have known that Martin Luther King Jr., also frequented the island. In fact, he penned material for his classic speeches while on Bimini and also spent considerable time chasing bonefish with guide Ansil Saunders.

King, of course, is no longer with us, but Saunders is. And that’s why Shannon Vandivier of Cold Collaborative chose to document the relationship between the two men. The film is called Mighty Waters and was part of the 2021 Fly Fishing Film Tour. Now it’s available to view online for the first time.

“When I first heard Ansil’s story, I knew it was a story the world should hear,” Vandivier said. “Really, it’s everything about him. From the way he speaks to others and how he guides his clients on the flats, to his passionate pursuit for social justice. Everything about how he lives his day-to-day life is just so authentically good. Ansil chose a path in life where wealth isn’t measured in dollars and cents, but rather how he spends his time. He has chosen to spend his currency of time by helping and inspiring as many people as he can — Martin Luther King Jr. included.”

Here’s the link. Enjoy the short film.

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