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Bair’s Lodge for Big Winter Bonefish

This January, Bair’s Lodge is teaming with The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust for 4 days of catching, tagging, and releasing a goal of 1,000 bonefish in the name of good fun and critical saltwater science. Target big winter bones

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Winter Dreaming . . . for bones and permit

Been organizing the last couple days, first the winter steelhead bag and now the bonefish and permit duffel. While I was organizing flies the sun peaked out and I took a few shots of my loot. Just looking at flies … Continue reading

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Bonefish Observed in Crazy Spawning Behavior

Ran across this e-mail today and thought all of you would enjoy reading it, especially you who have thrown for the bone in the Bahamas and elsewhere. Pretty cool information and it’s kind of crazy to try to picture thousands … Continue reading

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