Vincent van Gogh

van Gogh—the master and the madman
Two of my favorite things are absinthe and Vincent van Goh, so it was nice to find them both in one place, in a video by Kris Kluthe that depicts van Goh’s brilliance and downfall at the same time. It’s a bit dark, but I thought some of you might like seeing this.

Having visited the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, I think the film shows an accurate depiction of how he may have painted, but it doesn’t begin to detail how much paint van Gogh placed on a canvas.

That’s what amazed me. You can look at one of van Gogh’s paintings in a book, or buy a print to hang on your wall, but when looking at his creations in person the paint reaches away from the canvas.

Aside from the painting, this probably shows a pretty close rendition to van Gogh’s daily life if absinthe was involved. It’s one of the most powerful liquors in the world and overdoing it with this stuff would put you on the floor, or in bed, most of the time.

Anyway, I usually place essays in the Absinthe Lounge, but thought this was worthy of discussion. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.


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