Madison River Debate Hits Bozeman

Montana’s Madison River is the most heavily fished stream in Big Sky Country, but it may not be providing the kind of experience that people desire.

When they look at glossy travel brochures and see a blue ribbon winding through a mostly pristine valley in the middle of nowhere they may expect some solitude. And if they buy a house on the river they may not want anglers fishing the water in front of their places. These issues, and host of other problems, are up for debate tonight in Bozeman when Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks offers a public meeting to gather more input on its Madison River management plan.

According to FWP the direct complaints include, congestion on the river and at access sites; conflicts between user groups; trespass on private property; and littering.

A similar meeting was held in Ennis yesterday and two more meetings, one in West Yellowstone and one in Whitehall, are scheduled for later this month.

If you want in on the action and to make your voice heard head to the Bozeman Comfort Inn at 6 p.m. tonight. Take some verbal ammo, no matter which side you support.

If you would rather make your voice heard through written comment, click HERE and fill out the online survey. Want to know the questions on the survey? Read on.

What do you like the MOST about recreating on the Madison River (please list your TOP 3)? Please tell us what aspects of recreation are working well and what you would like to see stay the same on the Madison River.

What do you like the LEAST about recreating on the Madison River (please list your TOP 3)? Please tell us what is NOT working well and the aspects of recreation you would like to see changed on the Madison River.

What are the TOP 3 Recreation Management Changes you think FWP should make to address any concerns you have about recreation on the Madison River?

On the Madison River, have you ever (check all that apply):

Do you (or a close family member) own property adjacent to the Madison River?

Do you own or work at a business that serves Madison River visitors and tourists?

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