Anglers: You could be seeing grizzlies and black bears soon

This article just came out and it means that all of us should probably start keeping an eye open for bears when we’re wandering around the banks of streams, or up in the hills this spring. Bear spray? Check. Handgun? Check. Rope to hang coolers and food? Check.

WAPITI, Wyoming — Reports of grizzly bear sightings at lower elevations east of Yellowstone National Park have begun to trickle in to wildlife officials, and food storage regulations on several national forests went into effect late last week.

Temperatures this week are expected to climb into the 50s and higher.

“I’ve had a few reports of grizzlies from both the South Fork and North Fork over the past couple weeks,” said Andy Pills, a wildlife biologist with the Shoshone National Forest. “It’s probably a good time READ MORE 

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