Alaska Photography: Anchorage classic

Had to let all of you see this one. This, in my opinion is a classic. Shot it while staying at the Hilton Downtown in Anchorage a couple nights ago. The girls and I had dinner at the Glacier Brewhouse, fresh sockeye salmon for me and pizza for the girls. Great place to eat and enjoy local brews. Later, when we got back to the hotel we were invited to a private club where we got to finish off deserts and step out on the balcony to watch people fish Ship Creek, right next to downtown Anchorage, for king salmon. Great night all the way around. Here is the great shot and a couple others from a great time in Anchorage.

Sage, Rio and Redinton rep George Cook met us at the Middle Way Cafe in Anchorage, which is a funky cool meeting place with great food and atmosphere. He gladly accepted the hugs and showed us his plethora of king flies. Girls loved his company.

The girls said, "Oh, dad, you have to take a shot of that."

Big puppies.

Anchorage, as dark as it gets during summer. I bet there were only two hours a night that you would have needed a flashlight to read a magazine outside. It was that light. Loved it.

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2 Responses to Alaska Photography: Anchorage classic

  1. Geoff says:

    Instagrams – I Love & Hate em! While they are interesting and entertaining… it’s where my curious mind wanders to – wondering what was the set-up leading to each image or what happened after, or I wish I could… that distracts me from my day job.

  2. Greg Thomas says:

    Well, I can stop sending if you want me to. Or you could subscribe to my feed and choose when you want to look. I am not a big fan of Social Media, but I love Instagram as a way to instantaneously share with my best friends and family. And I’m always eager to see how my buds are doing on their trips and they can immediately share their catches and experiences with me. I’ll probably start providing more links to Angler’s Tonic with my images so people can get the whole story by visiting the site.
    Expect your work to be interrupted later today, Geoff. I’m floating the Bitterroot.

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