OK, You can have it for $107,000 now.

Lived in this house for eight years and it served me well. Sorry to see it go, but I have to find a place in my new home, Missoula, for me and the girls. This is a great house for any family, but especially great for a young family with kids. Lots of yard to play in and mature vegetation everywhere. Good neighbors and just a block from mainstreet, which means you can enjoy a couple cocktails and not worry about risking your future or somebody else’s getting home—you walk through an alley from the bar or the fly shop and you’re in your yard. It’s only eighty yards to the river from the house so you can be fishing the Madison in two minutes if you choose, too.

I heated the house mostly with a wood stove, which was great. When I was lazy I turned on the propane furnace. Four small bedrooms or three bedrooms and an office. There are 1.5 baths, an unfinished basement for storage and laundry, a back porch that serves as a greenhouse and, best of all, a glassed in cocktail porch where I spent most of my time during the summer. Two car garage in back for driftboat storage.

This is a great house that I listed and got bites on a few years ago. At that time it was on the market for $215,00. I’ve dropped to $159,000 and am open for dialogue/discussion.

Second home. Group of guys wanting to invest instead of blowing your money on hotels. Young family. Retirement. Makes sense for everyone. Give me a shout if you want more details.


That porch was made for gin and tonics.

Ketchen with old-school Montgomery Ward cabinets

Lots of room. Back bedroom in the rear, kitchen off to the left through doorway.

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