Pearl Jam’s Yellow Ledbetter, For You Santella

Check the recent Deschutes post. Was fortunate enough to be on the river with Chris Santella who is a great writer, a fine musician, and a man who entertains galore. So we were at camp, trying to keep our eyes open, and debating songs, bands, whatever came to mind. I asked Chris, “What about Yellow Ledbetter? What do you think of that song?” And you know what? Chris didn’t know it. Surprised the living shindig out of me. He doesn’t know the song as I pen this right now. I am telling you, he’s in for a treat. This song practically brings tears to the eyes, and I have no idea what I’m hearing lyric-wise. There’s power in this song. A lot of it. Knock your teeth out power. Music. Love it. Chris is going to love this one and I wanted to share it with you, too. Take a minute. If you haven’t heard this previously you are in for an experience. If you’ve heard it I’m sure you won’t say, “No time to listen.” In my opinion this is one of music’s greatest gifts to humanity. And this video doesn’t even showcase the song as well as it could. Mid-1990s would have been the time to record it. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Oh yea, there’s a little Hendrix nugget in here, too. If this isn’t your favorite song, or one of your favorites, let me know why and let me know which ones are your favs. gt


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