Gearing Up For a Week at Nimmo Bay, British Columbia

Just back from a three-day jaunt to Seattle and now it is time to gear up for a week in British Columbia, a mix of remote, but plush lodge chillin’, at Nimmo Bay Resort on the mainland coast, and a couple nights in Vancouver, eating and drinking my way to story ideas.

At Nimmo we’ll be flying out each day on a helicopter, searching for fresh fish, including silvers, steelhead, sea-run cutthroat and dolly varden. I’m easy; whatever we find, we find and whatever that is I’ll throw at it. Here are a few shots from Nimmo Bay’s Web site. I’ll try to deliver blow-bly-blow reports while I’m up there, but in the worst case scenario, you’ll get the full details when I get back.

Rods? Check. Fanny pack? Check. Cigars? Check. Flask? Check. Wading boots? Check. Waders? Check. Camera and all lenses? Check. Tripod? Check. Rain jacket? Check.

Good to go!

Now you go here¬†¬†Serious. You have to check out this 360-degree virtual tour. I am feeling pretty lucky and looking forward to seeing this with my own eyes. Maybe they’ll give me a job. Looks like heaven.

When it’s over I think I’ll end up saying, “I could get used to this.”

Nights at the lodge could be tough.

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