Redington’s Sonic Pro Jacket

Got this jacket back in the summer and waited patiently for the fall weather to come in. But I didn’t get a chance to really see what it could do until I was in Quebec, fishing Atlantic salmon with Camp Bonaventure and Salmon Lodges on the Gaspe Peninsula. That’s when a big storm blew in, with lightening, thunder, and a major deluge of rain.

My guides clamored under an umbrella with a photographer friend, but I stuck it out and kept hucking line—after the lightning passed, of course—despite the rain. At times I doubt I could have heard someone shouting at me from 50 yards away, because the rain was pelting my hood so loudly. Underneath, from top of my head to my toes, however, I was dry as could be. I bet I fished through that downpour for an hour or so before we finally threw in the towel and quit.

I’ve been able to use Redington’s Sonic Pro Jacket several times since then to deflect the rain and, in a couple cases, just to keep the wind off of me on cold, cold days. I don’t go through wading jackets every year. In fact, I’ve had great luck with Simms jackets and the old Patagonia SST Wading Jacket. But I put this Redington jacket right on par with those because it really makes you impervious to the weather. There are plenty of features, ranging from it’s 100 percent Nylon 4-layer fabric, to its ultrasonic weld and fully taped seams (i.e. no chance for failure and no moisture inside), to its fleece-lined handwarmer pockets, adjustable hood, and neoprene wrist cuffs that can be secured tightly so you can dunk your arms under the water to land and release fish and not worry about the tide flowing up your arm and soaking your undergarments.

This jacket isn’t cheap: It costs $299. But that is worth it to me when you consider how much you’d pay at times, when you’re soaking wet and shaking in the sleet, to be dry.

Surviving the deluge in the Redington Sonic Pro jacket.

Another thing I like about this jacket is that it is big and you can layer underneath and still not feel like you’re a blimp. Full coverage, full fit, impervious to the weather. I’d say if you’re looking for a great jacket to keep the weather off of you while fishing, try this one out.

After the rain, dry as can be.

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