The Real Thomas & Thomas in Big Sky Journal

Wanted to let you know that the new issue of Big Sky Journal is on the newsstands and it contains yet another article that my father, artist Fred Thomas, and I, teamed up on.

This one regards Missoula and the way its residents saved Mount Jumbo, which is now mostly public land, providing great hiking, biking, paragliding and wildlife viewing opportunity.

Typically, I’m on that mountain two or three times a week, getting the exercise I fail to get while sitting in this seat all day, working on articles, moving nothing more than my fingertips on a keyboard.

I’m especially proud of Fred’s painting for this issue, a pastel of Mount Jumbo and Mount Sentinel, the mountain that rises from the University of Montana campus (by the way, you could probably buy the original from Fred if you reach out to him soon).

Also in this issue is a piece by friend and fellow writer/Montanan Chris Dombrowski. His work covers the trials of wingshooting in Montana, specifically the friendly competition between hunters who keep count of misses and hits, a category that Dombrowski and his friends readily fall into. It’s a good read, as are many other portions of the issue. Check it out next time you walk past a newsstand.

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