Prepping For The Bahamas

I’m not writing this to rub it in. I know it’s cold outside. I have six inches of snow on my front lawn right now and it’s gray as can be here in Missoula. We could have another few months of this stuff before the consistently warm weather arrives. We all want to be somewhere else right now. That’s why I’m getting out of town.

Where to? Headed to Bimini on Monday to spend four days fishing big bones with Kirk Deeter and Chris Santella, while being hosted at Bimini Sands Resort by Cabela’s. When those guys fly back to the States on the eighth, I’m jumping a milk-run flight to Nassau and then another puddle jump to Marsh Harbor on Abaco Island. There I’ll fish with a friend at Nervous Water’s Abaco Lodge. Six full days of it.

I’ve fished a lot in the Florida Keys, but only for tarpon—not bonefish or permit. And I did make a trip to Turneffe Flats, Belize one time where I had an awesome time and caught a ton of bonefish and one big tarpon. But I’m not a big-time salwater flats guy. I want to

Hoping I’ve got what I need. I know the line is solid, but I need a few more patterns.

be, I just haven’t had the time. Or I’ve been fishing steelhead in the cold when I could have been throwing Gotcha’s in the sun. So this is a big trip for me, a new leg of the fly-fishing journey.

My questions to you are these: do you know of any particular patterns I have to take with me to Abaco or Bimini?

And are there any places you would recommend that I fish on Bimini? I think we’re in good hands with Cabela’s, but Deeter and Santella and I agreed that we’d try to find the fish on our own. Suggestions are welcome.

Given time, I’ll try posting updates from the trip each day, so stay tuned to Tonic and I’ll let  you know how I do. Thanks, in advance, for any tips.

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