Yukon Lake trout video

This is just as amateurish as the last video, but this one is of a lake trout. Had a 35mm hanging around my neck and just hoped it was pointed in the right direction. At least you get to see how easy it was at times to catch lake trout and whitefish in the Yukon. We targeted these fish over those white marl pockets each day. I think this one ate a caddis pupa but scuds and chironomids worked best. It wasn’t the kind of lake trout fishing I’m used to, where you throw big streamers in deep water with full-sinking lines. This was super cool and at times technical. Anyway, sorry about the quality but it does give you a sense of being there. Oh, and the huffing and puffing? I caught that guy on a four-weight Loomis NRX. Photo-worthy? We wanted shots of fish with lots of color on them and this one fit that bill. It wasn’t the largest but it turned out some nice images. Check this.

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