Shipped Fly Rod & Reel’s winter issue to the printer. Always a big relief, meaning we got ‘er done and now can concentrate on the Spring issue. I like the feeling of a clean deck and all the possibilities. So, Spring. Wondering what all of you like most about the late-winter/spring season. Trout? Getaways to the saltwater for permit, bones and tarpon? Striped bass migration or late winter steelhead? Or is it a time to concentrate on tying flies? Get that arsenal built up for summer? You know, tie enough for your clients and still have plenty left for the off-day fish-fests? I’d love some feedback on what you would run if you could pick a focus for the issue and run five feature articles. Also what you think would make great reads for our standard columns—Practical & Useful; Angle on Art; Traveling Angler; Books; New Media; Guide Flies; and Personal History.

I have my ideas already, but I thought it would be fun to put you in the editor’s seat and see what you could come up with. Give me an idea or a few and we can discuss the merits. Also, what would you run for a cover shot? Saltwater? Trout? Steel? Scenic? Stripers?Flies? Profile? Have fun with it.

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