Orvis’ 2014 Matching Grants Focus on Stream Rehab and Belize

Orvis isn’t a company that goes around patting themselves on the back and playing to the media’s eye to recognize their donations to conservation efforts, so I thought I would do the back-patting for them. I once wrote a long piece about Orvis’ modesty and in doing the research I learned that they were donating way more to conservation than any other fly-fishing entity. If you hadn’t noticed already, Orvis has made some great strides in the past five or six years, upgrading their product lines significantly while becoming even more involved in the ff community. So, if you didn’t already have an excuse to fish their products, this should seal the deal. Here are a couple projects that Orvis is supporting that I thought you might like to know about, in particular their 1,000 Miles project that repairs or replaces antiquated culverts and their RARE campaign in Belize, which focusses on teaching small communities how to manage their coastal fisheries for longevity and sustainability. Pretty awesome work as you’ll learn.

Orvis/TU’s 1,000 Miles Campaign

Reconnecting streams across the U.S. creating miles of spawning habitat and fishable water.

Help the Orvis-Trout Unlimited 1,000 Miles Campaign reach its goal to reconnect 1,000 miles of fishable streams by repairing or replacing poorly constructed culverts throughout the U.S. Culverts are significant impediments to fish passage and survival—just as significant as a major dam—but the solution is dramatically simpler. Many need to be removed or modified, the cost is minimal, and the overall impact to many watersheds is significant. Funds raised by the Orvis-TU 1,000 Miles Campaign will go toward the engineering and removing of culverts, with the goal of reconnecting over 1,000 miles of fishable habitat. Presently, there are projects that involve culvert improvement or removal on Kinne Brook in Massachuse READ MORE ABOUT TU MATCHING GRANTS  Read about the Belize project HERE

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