Guaranteed Love, Brought to You By G. Loomis

I’ve always wondered how an angler can walk into a fly shop and buy a $500 to $800 rod after just casting it in a parking lot for a few minutes. That seems like a lot of commitment for such a short affair and you know the danger in that, in life and on the water. Up until now we had to kind of flip a coin and hope for the best when buying a rod, unless we went to some event where we could cast a variety of rods in a lengthy period, over a pond at a show or on the water at some sort of fly-fishing clave. But now G. Loomis is promising that you’ll fall in love with their rods and their willing to take them back if you don’t. It’s called the Guaranteed Love program and it’s coming to a shop near you soon. Here’s the press release. Check it out. Let me know what you think.

WOODLAND, Washington USA – May 7, 2014 – At G.Loomis, it’s about helping anglers catch more fish. It’s that simple. And now participating tackle dealers are making it simple to experience G.Loomis fish-catching performance with the new G.Loomis ‘Guaranteed Love’ program. Anglers can purchase any G.Loomis rod – from the GL2 through NRX series – and will have 30 days to fall in love with it. And if not? You can bring it back.

“It’s as simple as that,” said Bruce Holt with G.Loomis. “Our ‘Guaranteed Love’ promise gives anglers the confidence to try out any of our rods, be it spinning, casting or fly. We’re confident that once you do, you’ll not only love it, but also will probably start thinking about buying another. We wouldn’t offer this guarantee if we didn’t believe in our rods – otherwise what’s the point?”
Any time before the 30-day ‘Guaranteed Love’ period, “if the love is not there, you simply return the rod back to the tackle shop where it was purchased for a refund,” Holt said. “But here is what we already know – the first time you fish that G.Loomis rod and hook a fish, the light is going to go off. Now you know. This is what G.Loomis performance is all about.”
The ‘Guaranteed Love’ program is offered on all G.Loomis rod series – NRX, GLX, IMX, GL3, GL2, PRO4x, and fiber-blend. Participating dealers have complete details on the ‘Guaranteed Love’ program, plus information is also available under the support menu at

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4 Responses to Guaranteed Love, Brought to You By G. Loomis

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    • Greg Thomas says:

      Sounds like a smart deal to me. Way smarter than lifetime guarantees. This is a program that benefits the customer, I believe, which is a good thing. Most people are going to like their G. Loomis sticks anyway, so the risk for the company here is not grand. They make a great product so I doubt they’re worried.

  2. Richard Franklin says:

    This is an innovative “customer love” program and from the leading rod maker who balked at the now near ubiquitous Unconditional Lifetime Warranty that has added so much additional cost to each high end fly rod. Fact is, near every G.Loomis rod I have fished I have liked or even loved and why not as they are designed by a super elite rod designer/caster and built in America by a shop long known for carbon fiber innovation.

    So, what happens to the small % of rods that do get returned…?

    • Greg Thomas says:

      Nothing not to love about their products and the U.S. locale. The rods that are returned, and this is only a guess, likely would go to donations and to kids clubs. But I don’t know that for sure. I’ve thrown a lot of Loomis sticks for trout, to tarpon and all other sorts of fish and they’ve never failed me. Sounds like that is your story, too.

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