Fly Rod & Reel’s Summer Issue

Fly Rod & Reel’s summer issue is hitting the newsstands now and I think you’re going to like it, from the moment you see the cover. I gave the cover image thorough consideration before selecting it because, technically, it doesn’t work perfectly. The horizon is angled and one of the dogs is too close to the edge of the page. But the eye focusses quickly on the dog in the foreground and the angler and I think that is the key. To me this said “summer and fun.” And who doesn’t like a dog in the boat, as long as it’s well minded? I’m always good for a dog in the boat. Please let me know what you think of this Val Atkinson cover image, good or bad. I always value the AT pulse while making decisions for Fly Rod & Reel.

Included in this issue are stories on five tricky flies for summer stripers, high mountain trout forays, night fishing for monster browns in the upper Midwest—and the gear you’ll need to get after them—and a piece on fly fishing for sharks in the Bahamas. There are a bunch of shorter reads included in the mix. Hope all of you enjoy.

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