Idaho Trout and Char Get Free Ride

Saw this piece in the Missoulian and found it interesting. Figured all of you would, too. Don’t know if this makes more sense than cleaning up the habitat and giving all these fish a real chance, but I’m sure the fish don’t mind.

CABINET, Idaho – Like any immigration story, this one has a border with a big wall and a population that wants desperately to move from one side to the other. Some enjoy privileged passage. Others are viewed with suspicion. Lots of government agencies are involved.

When a bull trout reaches the Idaho-Montana border at Cabinet Gorge Dam, biologists at a new $2 million facility give it a quick DNA test, followed by a truck ride to the tributary stream of its birth. Last Thursday, one bull trout got a 40-mile ride to the Vermillion River east of Trout Creek.
When a cutthroat trout shows up, it gets READ MORE

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