Redington’s Elements: The Art of the Spey

Here’s the second installment of Redington’s video series called, Elements, which shows short clips that artfully describe what we love about fishing. If you’ve thrown spey rods you know what this one is all about. If you haven’t but want to this shows how the cast, alone, can be mesmerizing and make a day on the water. I always equate spey casting to shooting free throws, two things that I love to do. Like trying to make 90 out of 100 “frows,” making a perfect spey cast is a challenge. Maybe you get two or three a day that feel perfect. Maybe not. The thing is, you don’t  have to be perfect to catch fish. But through a day, shooting for the perfect cast keeps you alert and in the game. Here are nice hucks to draw you in. GT

Redington ELEMENTS | Searching from Redingtongear on Vimeo.

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