Southwest Montana Spring Brown

You can get great dry fly fishing during spring in southwest Montana, but this time of year always screams streamers and brown trout under snowcapped peaks with brilliant green lining the foothills and river corridors. It really is the prettiest time of year here.

I was able to get out this past weekend for one day on the crowded Missouri and another on the Big Hole. Fishing was pretty good on each river but, as is typically the case, one fish stood out. I’ve attached a picture here, of a legitimate 22 inches, measured against a fishpond Nomad net. There were other fish, of course, but this one was a gnarly old brown that was just in the mood to kill. Send me pics of your best fish of the spring and we’ll post them here. GT

Another look.

Did I mention there is some dry fly fishing to be had? Beatis on the Missouri last weekend.

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2 Responses to Southwest Montana Spring Brown

  1. Malachi says:

    Hey Greg, that’s a great fish. I lost track of your writing for a while as I moved to Texas. Good to see your photos and hear stories again.

    • Greg Thomas says:

      It was a good one. But the fishing was slow on the sections of the Big Hole that I like best. I think there may have been a fish kill on the river last year. Texas. Hope you are having fun down there. Let me know what you’re catching. GT

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