Trout Congress . . . aka, a good reason to fish Bozeman this fall

Fall can be busy but this may be worth fitting into the schedule, especially if you are vested in the well-being of trout.

Trout lovers from around the world who are passionate about trout and cold water will be convening in Bozeman, October 2-6, 2016 for the first ever International Trout Congress. The Congress will follow Trout Unlimited’s national annual meeting. The Congress is a seminal event celebrating trout and the passion they inspire around the world. Arguably no other freshwater species has had more impact on art and literature, conservation science, the global economy, and the human condition. This first-of-its-kind event will be held in Bozeman, Montana in the shadow of Yellowstone National Park and in proximity to some of the most beloved trout streams in the world. This event will bring together a diverse audience from around the world that includes conservationists, scientists, educators, anglers, writers, artists and the public for an exchange of ideas and focused events that explore trout as a global barometer, resource for sustained regional economies, instrument of human culture, and a source of inspiration for generations. Prior to and during the event, the Emerson Arts Center will be featuring a showing of regional trout art that will be open to the public. For more information go to our website: or contact us at Activities associated with the Congress include an art festival, an open house at the “Trout and Salmonid Collection” at the Montana State University Library, hosted social at world famous Simms Manufacturing and more. The American Fisheries Society will publish a book from the Congress entitled “Diversity and Status of Trouts and Chars Worldwide”. Contact us for more information. We’ll see you in Bozeman and remember, fall is a great time to trout fish in Montana so bring your gear.

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