Review: Yeti Rambler Lowball Drink Cups

I’m not one to let a drink sit long, and rarely will a Tonic get warm when I’m on the watch, but these new Yeti Rambler Lowball cups are pretty sweat. I tried them out over the weekend on Montana’s Rock Creek (um, no, I didn’t see any spruce moths on the water, why would you even ask?), in sweltering heat and I can now report that they’ll keep rum, whiskey, vodka and gin as cold as can be for as long as it might take you to swill your drink. And you’ll have plenty of time to test these cups because most of Montana’s rivers are under “Hoot Owl” restrictions, meaning you can’t fish between 2PM and midnight. Lots of time in camp to discuss strategy, tie the patterns you need, and to fill and refill these Lowballs.

I also used these in the morning for coffee and they kept that brew hot. Better, there’s no cap, unless you want one, and that allows you to easily drop in a few ice cubes to get that joe to the right temperature. Are they inexpensive? Come on, its Yeti. But these things are built bomber, like all Yeti products, and they’ll last forever. $25

With Hoot Owl restrictions placed on most of Montana’s rivers, these Lowball cups might get a lot of use in the afternoons and evenings. Happy testing!


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