Underwater With Western Bull Trout Video

Nothing like dreaming on a winter day. I found these bull trout last summer while hiking deep into a Northwest forest. Unfortunately, they weren’t easy to come by. I caught a couple before they “wised up” and then landed some beautiful cutthroat from the same pool. Here’s the thing: I thought there were two or three bull trout, at the  most, in this pool. It wasn’t until I got home and examined the video that I realized it was packed. Probably should have changed flies and tactics a couple more times. Oh well, live and learn. If it were easy we wouldn’t be as drawn to fishing. Hopefully this little bull trout video clip gets you excited about what’s to come—spring hatches, warming weather, and then the summer season. Start inking off the calendar now and make sure you plan some time to chase western bull trout. They are a very cool/unique species that is worth the effort to find and fish. Lace those boots, load up the daypack, get after it . . . and keep them wet.

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