Guys Night Out for the Smoke ‘n Can

If I were living in Anchorage, there’s no damn way anyone would be keeping me at home on Wednesday night. That’s because a bunch of mostly like-minded fishheads, who also like to eat some of their catch, are meeting at the William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery ( 941 North Reeve Boulevard) on Wednesday, from 6 to 8 p.m., to learn about smoking, canning and pickling fish. Attendees can also ask about canning methods for game meat, and if you are successful in canning any of those Sitka blacktails, or moose for that matter, I know someone who will taste test it for you.

Here’s the only problem: advance registration required and I don’t know if this class is booked out or not. Here’s the number to call if you want to sign up— (907) 267-2218.

This is a good time to learn the tricks of caring for your catch. Any of those fillets in your freezer, at this point, unless they are vacuume sealed, are likely to be freezer burning just a little. Don’t throw them away. Just cut off the burn, soak them in brown sugar and salt, dry them and then smoke for eight hours or so on the lowest heat possible. The longer you smoke the fish, the better it will be.

I wish I could attend because I’ve never picked fish and would like to know how to do it. I know this, it tastes good on crackers with cream cheese. If you do attend, let your fellow Tonic patrons know how it goes. Again, samples always accepted.

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