Coronavirus and Fly Fishing Travel . . . book Alaska and Canada now!

AT Note: Jim Klug is a longstanding personal friend of mine and Angler’s Tonic fully supports his company, Yellowdog Fly Fishing Adventures. I was tempted to pen my own article on this Covid-19 issue, but Klug sums up the issues here and his piece should provide answers to questions many of you may have, no matter where your travels might take you. To some people, including those with autoimmune deficiencies and other health issues, simply getting on a plane and passing through airports isn’t a real rosy picture right now. But, for most of us, the gains to be had on a fly fishing adventure probably outweigh the risks, especially if you prepare well and take care of yourself on your travels. And because of the risks, domestic and Canadian travel might be the best options for you right now. But, if you want to swap out a trip abroad with something a little closer to home, you better get on the phone today and book—I would expect a run on what remains of AK and Canada trips in spring, summer and fall 2020. Read this to get the most recent dirt. —GT

Update from Yellow Dog Flyfishing Director of Operations, Jim Klug

(Updated Content: March 4, 2020)

The Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak continues to dominate headlines this month, upending the travel industry, rattling international markets and creating questions for those that travel to exotic destinations on a regular basis. The illness – and the non-stop media hype associated with the recent outbreak – has certainly led to an increase in the

If you want to do one of the Mother of All Fly Fishing Trips, go swing the Dean River along the British Columbia coast. Jeff Hickman now owns both lodges on the lower Dean and you could inquire about openings at BC West and Kimsquit Bay Lodge. Availability won’t last long if, in fact, all openings aren’t sold out already.

number of calls we are getting from traveling anglers concerned about their upcoming international trips. The topic has been dominating the headlines, and Americans have created a rush on hand sanitizer and surgical masks. While no one knows how or when things will shake out with regard to the virus, we are starting to better understand the realities of the situation, and while serious, we also realize that this too shall pass.

Edgy about foreign travel? Maybe a relatively short trip (in distance) to Quebec is in order. In less than a day of travel you could be casting on the Boneventure or the Grand Cascapedia, trying to hook up with an Atlantic salmon. Contact Boneventure Lodge or Salmon Lodge for info.

With the non-stop media coverage, hysteria and information overload, we thought it might be helpful to address some of the common concerns and questions relating to Covid-19, hygiene and general travel safety for the destination angler and those who love fishing in far-off places!

First off, if you are a traveler, there are a number of valuable resources available for anyone planning to journey abroad in the near future. And no … we are not talking about Fox News or CNN. The reality is that there are much better starting points when it comes to legitimate coronavirus news.

  • The website of the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) has been issuing daily updates about Covid-19 and the status of developing cases since the disease first became public in January.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (also known as the C.D.C.) is another great resource, offering information and guides for travelers. It is worth mentioning that the C.D.C. has advised Americans to cancel all non-essential travel to China, and they’ve specifically called out cruise ships operating in the region.
  • In addition to the W.H.O. and the C.D.C., Global Rescue has a daily update on what policies have been put in place in various destination countries throughout the world – something that may be useful for anglers traveling to specific destinations. If you are a Global Rescue member, you can receive a daily update and worldwide status report via email.

There are also several articles and videos that have recently come out that we have found to be VERY helpful in processing and better understanding the existing situation. If you have a moment, we encourage you to visit the following links:

As a company that specializes in world-wide travel and fishing the world, we can assure you that Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures is paying VERY close attention to this situation, and we are thoroughly monitoring news and updates from the C.D.C., the W.H.O., and from various countries throughout the world. And while we are quick to point out that we are NOT medical experts trained in the field of infectious diseases, we nonetheless have a few thoughts, notes and useful suggestions regarding the ongoing situation and how it can – and should – impact destination travel for the near future.

  • The coronavirus is a novel virus named for the crown-like spikes that protrude from its surface when viewed under a microscope. The coronavirus can infect both animals and people, causing a range of respiratory illnesses – from the Read More at Yellowdog Fly Fishing
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