Sleeping Warmly in the Backcountry

Big Agnes Yock 0 Sleeping Bag and AXL Air Pad

I don’t discount the ingenuity and value of sleeping bags with integrated pads, but it’s also nice to have some insulation below your body and the Yock 0 traditional mummy bag provides that. This down bag utilizes high value DownTek insulation and should keep you warm even if you run into the unexpected summer snow storm at altitude (it happens!). Our motto is this: take a warmer bag into the mountains than you need. Why? Because you can always sleep with the zipper open if you get too warm, but you can’t add warmth if your bag is rated for 30 or 40 degrees and the temperature plummets to 10. This bag is lightweight and packs down nicely. $299.95

Sleeping in the dirt is a mantra for hard-core fly fishers, but we’ve done enough of that to know a sleeping pad is a better choice and you don’t gain a lot of weight in your pack by bringing one along. BA’s AXL insulated pad weighs just 10.6 ounces and offers enough comfort to give you a good night’s sleep, even if you have to pitch your tent in a rockpile. The AXL has larger outer tubes that keep you from slipping off of the pad and its Primaloft Silver insulation serves as a reflective heat barrier to keep you warm in your bag. $159.95

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