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Pulp Fly Arrives

What happened to good writing in fly fishing? Well, you have to be tactful to find it anymore, meaning you have to look beyond grip-and-grins and childish rants, if you want to find depth in words, a story around the … Continue reading

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Tom Rosenbauer’s Essential American Flies

At first I wasn’t too excited when I received Tom Rosenbauer’s Orvis Guide to The Essential American Flies, and that was a little hard to admit because I consider Rosenbauer one of the great people in fly fishing as well … Continue reading

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Hemingway’s Old Man—read it for your kids

Over the past couple years, during the existence of Angler’s Tonic, I’ve learned that not many of you really care about books. At least that’s how I’ve perceived things based on the number of comments sent to me about books—almost … Continue reading

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Alaska Gets a New Editor. Facelift Next?

When growing up in southeast Alaska and Seattle, magazines were a staple diet in our house and one of those was the Alaska Sportsman, which printed wonderful stories of adventure, ranging from hunting Dall sheep, moose, brown bears and caribou, … Continue reading

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Yellowdog Flyfishing Adventures Releases New Catalogue/Magazine

Our friends at Yellowdog Flyfishing Adventures in Bozeman, Montana just cranked out their new catalogue and I got a sneak peak in Denver earlier this month, right off the press. Talk about a good smell—I’ve always loved the smell of … Continue reading

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Landon Mayer: Colorado’s Best Fly Fishing

If you’re a western fly fisher and you don’t know Landon Mayer you’ve had your head in the sand or somewhere else equally dark. Mayer is a Colorado guide who specializes in finding big trout for he and his clients. … Continue reading

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Deneki Outdoors’ Bonefishing 101

Bonefishing 101, or how to catch bonefish demystified I’ve been giving a lot of love to Deneki Outdoors of late, but deservingly so in my opinion. Deneki runs several great lodge operations around the globe and I count several of … Continue reading

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The Digital Photography Book

Clearly stated techniques for rookies and pros I have to credit my uncle, Bill Thomas, with giving me the idea to do this post. The reason: he turned me on to The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby and he … Continue reading

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The Alaska Chronicles by Miles Nolte

The real dirt on A guide’s life. I don’t really understand books anymore, especially in the fly fishing genre, which is a super limited market in the big scheme of things. I get it when an author writes a book … Continue reading

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Scott Sanchez’ Never Ending Stream

Scott Sanchez writes a down to earth classic with Charlie Brooks, Johnny Boyd, George Grant, Jack Dennis, Mike Lawson, Craig Mathews, Shane Stalcup, and more. Scott Sanchez is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and he’s a great … Continue reading

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