Deneki Outdoors’ Bonefishing 101

Bonefishing 101, or how to catch bonefish demystified

I’ve been giving a lot of love to Deneki Outdoors of late, but deservingly so in my opinion. Deneki runs several great lodge operations around the globe and I count several of its top people as good friends. Deneki doesn’t advertise on this site so the exposure is not an ad for ink related issue. Without hesitation I can tell you about another great Deneki Outdoors product, a downloadable e-book called Bonefishing 101. And, it’s free. All you have to do is visit Deneki. com and click the icon for the free download and in a couple minutes the book shows up in your e-mail in-box.

OK, here’s why I’ve been looking at Bonefishing 101. I’ve got a crazy itch and I am super close to just throwing in the towell and buying a ticket to head out of Montana and to the bonefishing grounds next week. And Bonefishing 101 is the super straight-forward, quickly read resource guide for going after bonefish. It’s an easy read—not overwhelming or too technical—that just covers the basics. But it gets you ready, quickly, for your saltwater foray. Subjects covered include, The Ready Position; Spotting Bonefish; Casting on the Flats; Setting the Hook; and Fighting Bonefish. Plus there’s a graduation section.

So, there’s you cue. Check out Bonefishing 101 and let your dream engine run wild.

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