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Montana Adopts Mandatory Kill on Walleye

I know there are a lot of guys out there who like fishing for walleye and there are probably a lot more who just like eating them. My experience with walleye is that they don’t like to eat flies, they … Continue reading

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Fly Fishing’s Show Season and Three Great Trips for 2015

When you’re in the fly-fishing business winter isn’t called winter, it’s called “Show Season.” Between December and April most lodges and guide services hit at least one or two shows and some of them hit many more, ranging from New … Continue reading

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In Three Years: Walleye Numbers Double in Clark Fork Delta/Lake Pend Orielle

I did a little fly fishing for walleye this summer, including a week-long trip to Ontario for just that purpose; I can’t say they are my new go-to specie. In fact, I failed rather miserably in catching any good size … Continue reading

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Big Montana Walleye

Thought all of you might be interested to know that my longtime friend and occasional hero, Robert Eddins, nailed this walleye recently. That means he found a better walleye in Montana than I could in Ontario, and he spend a … Continue reading

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