Angler’s Tonic T-Shirts

Own A Piece of Tonic
Got the first shipment of Angler’s Tonic T-Shirts and I’m super excited about them. I followed the lead of Rob McAbee, who owns Bugslinger and produces lots of killer shirts and hats, to go with a midweight shirt instead of those bulky heavyweights that you can’t really wear under anything and certainly don’t want on a hot summer day. I still love the Angler’s Tonic logo and it’s displayed prominently on the back of the shirt with the Angler’s Tonic “T” represented on the front. The shirts are not pure white. Instead they are a light gray in case you wear it on the water and don’t want to send every fish for the cut banks.

Limited supply, and no way to get them in your hands right now, except the old-fashioned way, via personal check or money order through snail mail. Cost on the shirts is $20 plus $3 for shipping and handling. For those of you who order I’ll say upfront, thanks for your support and you’re going to love these shirts!


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