Snapshot: Who ‘Dat? Write the caption

This is one of my favorite images, not just because it’s slightly incriminating, but mostly because it reminds me of a hard-core winter day when I floated Washington’s Cowlitz River with two great friends, Andrew Bennett, left, and Dave McCoy, right, who runs Emerald Water Anglers in West Seattle.

We didn’t catch a steelhead that day, and I completely blew cast after Spey cast, but I started to learn the whole two-handed deal. I threatened to switch to a single-hand rod and fish beads, but McCoy, who swears by the swing, said he’d Continue reading

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What’s Your Take, On Taking A Giant Brown Trout.

I had to laugh last night when this comment came to the site, regarding a post that I penned about a fish that a friend caught and killed this past summer.  I’ll post the comment first, then my response. I’d love to know what all of you think about this. Have fun with it. GT

COMMENT: REALLY? You condone FishPorn like it was the next best thing (what, after sex?)! These EGOCentric Porn Pics indicate a complete lack of, Adults in the Industry (of fishing), educating any/all persons (who fish) that these are the ONES to RETURN to whence they came . . . the Breeder Brood, for the sport to continue & grow! For Her the “reward” will be (hopefully) just a fleeting moment, if not, Continue reading

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Smack That Hatchery Dog

I was checking out my Friday edition of Columbia Basin Bulletin and figured all of you would be interested in this. I’m not a proponent of hatchery fish so you know where I stand on this—smack all of them.

From CBB: It may soon be unacceptable for steelhead anglers in Washington state to return a steelhead they catch on selected rivers if the fish in hand originated from a hatchery. A regulation to require steelhead anglers to keep all the hatchery steelhead they catch on the Klickitat, Walla Walla, Snake and Grand Ronde rivers will be debated by Continue reading

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New Seattle Fly Shop

If you haven’t heard already, Dave McCoy, owner of Emerald Water Anglers guide service in Seattle, just opened a new fly shop that goes by the same name, and he hopes to give Seattle anglers a new great option to shop all things fly fishing.

Based in West Seattle, McCoy’s location offers quick access to Continue reading

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Big Montana Walleye

Thought all of you might be interested to know that my longtime friend and occasional hero, Robert Eddins, nailed this walleye recently. That means he found a better walleye in Montana than I could in Ontario, and he spend a lot less time and money to do so! Anyway, Eddins and I go a long way back and we have had some adventures over time. Wish I could have been there with him on this one. Looks like it probably ate well. Eddins didn’t say where he caught this fish but it had to be in Montana. Fort Peck, Nelson, Canyon Ferry, Hauser . . . somewhere else? Continue reading

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Steelhead Essay Contest

Hey scribes, here’s a great way to see where you stand with your literary skills, but you better hone that pencil tip soon. That’s because Trout Unlimited just launched a writing contest about wild steelhead with entries due November 11. Winning prize is the ability to brag about your accomplishment, plus $1,000 cash. Bonus: your essay will be published in Trout Magazine. My suggestions: don’t write in detail about a great fight from a particular fish, or the day you landed five and life was great, and don’t even think about describing a pretty sunset on a day when you didn’t catch a fish. Think broader terms, why wild steelhead are important to Northwest culture; why protecting wild steelhead, in turn, protects their habitat; why an opportunity to fish wild steelhead is worth preserving for yourself, but also for your kids; also the opportunity steelhead provide to bond with brethren in a common goal, in the outdoors. Those are the points that make wild steelhead pertinent and any of those could be used to craft a great essay around. Have fun. E-mail me or make a comment if you need any pointers or suggestions. GT

SEATTLE–Trout Unlimited today launched an essay contest open to the angling public that will net Continue reading

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Bair’s Lodge for Big Winter Bonefish

This January, Bair’s Lodge is teaming with The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust for 4 days of catching, tagging, and releasing a goal of 1,000 bonefish in the name of good fun and critical saltwater science. Target big winter bones Continue reading

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Natives in Yellowstone

I penned this piece for the Upfront Notes section of Fly Rod & Reel and thought I would share it with you here, hoping to open this up for tactful discussion. Give it a read and let me know where you stand on the debate. GT

Upfront Notes—I like catching large fish as much as the next guy, maybe more, the bigger the better. I have not entered that zen realm where any trout is as good as the next as long as it’s taken from a beautiful stream, on a dry fly if Continue reading

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A Proverb from Fly Fishers of The Bitterroot

I was trying to make the Fly  Fishers of The Bitterroot monthly gathering last night but couldn’t do it. In the end, I was launching bombs on the hoop court with one of my daughters and her teammates. But I saw something on the Bitterroot invite that made a lot of sense to me and I thought I would share it here for Continue reading

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Getting My Manitoba Moose

In late September I got back from one of the most epic adventures of my life, a moose hunt in northern Manitoba. I’ve wanted to hunt moose for most of my life and just couldn’t draw a tag in Montana and I can’t really afford the $13,000 price tag that a  trip to Alaska or the Yukon would require. So when the offer came in to hunt out of Ken Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge I threw all-in. Continue reading

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