Reasons We Fish

From the Freshwater Trust and Columbia Sportswear. Worth listening to the perspectives and the various reasons we all love to fish. And I never get tired of seeing central Oregon’s landscape. Also, this is a reminder that summer/fall steelhead season is here, and the Deschutes is one of the best places to hit during the early season.—GT

It’s The River That Binds Us – A Staff Story from The Freshwater Trust on Vimeo.

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Trout Congress . . . aka, a good reason to fish Bozeman this fall

Fall can be busy but this may be worth fitting into the schedule, especially if you are vested in the well-being of trout.

Trout lovers from around the world who are passionate about trout and cold water will be convening in Bozeman, October 2-6, 2016 for the first ever International Trout Congress. The Congress will follow Trout Unlimited’s national annual meeting. The Congress is a seminal event celebrating trout and the passion they inspire around the world. Arguably no other freshwater species has had more impact on art and literature, conservation science, the global economy, and the human condition. This first-of-its-kind event will be held in Bozeman, Montana in the shadow of Yellowstone National Park and in proximity Continue reading

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Hucks and Cutts: July Is Go Time

The old rule of thumb in northern Idaho, western Montana and southeast British Columbia said you can fish just about any cutthroat creek, after the Fourth of July. Showing up earlier meant you might be limited by high water. But these days, with summer arriving earlier, that date has changed significantly. In fact, Idaho and Montana’s cutthroat waters were in good shape for much of June and they are going to Continue reading

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Alaska sportsmen celebrate victory for the Susitna River

As all of you probably know, I have a love for all things wild and if those elements occur in Alaska I’m even more interested in it. If I weren’t living in Montana you have to know I’d call Alaska home, so I was happy to receive this update on Trout Unlimited’s help in preserving the Susitna River, which hosts The Great Land’s fourth-largest king salmon run. New dams in this day and age? It didn’t make sense from the start and it doesn’t now. Here you go. Celebrate with us.



Continue reading

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Texas, Who Knew

I actually wrote this headline, Texas Who Knew, tongue-in-cheek, as I’ve been to Texas with seven-weight sticks in hand and managed to take some very nice bass on the Powerhouse lakes. After watching this video, one in Redington’s series, Find Your Water, I know there’s way more to explore. Check it out and start dreaming.

Find Your Water: Season 2, Episode 2: Desert Oasis from Redingtongear on Vimeo.

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Hope, Hopefully, for Canada’s Atlantic Salmon

If you haven’t fished eastern Canada’s Atlantic salmon you’re missing out. These fish are the equal of our western steelhead and grow to larger size. Fish them early in the summer and they are chrome bright rockets. Wait until late August or early September and you’ll find a mix of fresh fish and some that have been in the river for a month or more. You can still Continue reading

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Southwest Montana Spring Brown

You can get great dry fly fishing during spring in southwest Montana, but this time of year always screams streamers and brown trout under snowcapped peaks with brilliant green lining the foothills and river corridors. It really is the prettiest time of year here.

I was able to get out this past Continue reading

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Redington Profiles Artist Josh DeSmit

Here’s a quick one on a guy going big and trying to become a full time artist. Having grown up in an artist’s family I know the trials of this. However, as  my father has proven, it’s possible to make a great living as an artist, as long as you are smart, business savvy, and work tirelessly toward a goal. Enjoy. GT

Find Your Water: Season 2, Episode 1: An Artist’s Frontier from Redingtongear on Vimeo.

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Farmed Atlantic Salmon Versus Wild and Sustainable Alaska Salmon. Go Wild.

I’ve never reposted content, but I feel inclined to set this piece at the top of the stack again. It’s that important. This post was first seen in 2013 and it is one of the most read pieces on Angler’s Tonic. Nothing has changed. Costco still sells farmed Atlantic salmon from nasty net pens. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec are all in major battles to preserver wild Atlantics. Norway is the problem that it has always been. Give this a read. Do something about it—only eat wild salmon, Alaska-caught being the most sustainable option. Think about buying and eating wild pink salmon instead of kings. Pinks can be found in abundance. Kings are suffering. If not kings, try wild reds/sockeye from Bristol Bay, Alaska. Here’s the read. Continue reading

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Fly Rod & Reel Spring Issue Available Now

Just wrapped up the spring issue and it will be hitting the newsstands soon. I think you’ll find it well worth reading with lots of solid technical information along with numerous fun reads, including the second installment of our essay section, this time with a theme of fly-fishing culture. In the mix is Chris Santella, who covers fly-fishing vocabulary; Robert Robinson is in it again with his take on prioritizing in favor of fishing; John Gierach makes an appearance with his take on the modern beard fad; and Seth Norman shares his view on flies and what goes into naming them.

You’ll find the full features in this issue, too, mine being on fishing for steelhead on the Continue reading

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