Yeti’s Rambler and Tumbler—my go-to beverage delivery system

You won’t know how badly you needed one of these Yeti Ramblers until you get one in your hands and fill it  with whatever strikes you as the perfect beverage at that moment. One-hundred degree day and you’re cruising up some dusty dirt road in the middle of nowhere in that old Chevy without AC? Or is it the middle of winter steelhead season and cold enough to freeze your eyelids together, not to mention your family jewels off? No matter. This Rambler (30 oz.) or its brother, the Tumbler (20 oz.), keeps liquid hot or cold (especially with ice cubes added into the cold equation) for hours. In fact, in some cases you can leave this thing in your rig, fish all day, and come back Continue reading

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Buying The Megaload of Ice

Like most American’s I hate tax time. And I say that after having spent most of the day going through receipts, categorizing them, and adding up the totals.

As much as I dislike the process and the stress it causes, going through those receipts is also a way to review what I did in the past year. When I finished today I was a little surprised to see that I’d traveled to Seattle (three times), Denver, the Oregon Coast, Continue reading

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Alaska Senators Try to Strip EPA of Authority in Bristol Bay and Beyond

This is pretty scary news, especially because our elected officials are supposed to represent us, the public, and clearly these men are fighting for specific individuals and, likely, the dollars they provide for campaign efforts. So, just when you thought Bristol Bay might be saved, and that other waters could benefit by those efforts, too, here rise two men who are bent on ignoring the voices of the people. Lets hope their efforts are in vain.  FROM  NATIVE NEWS: Dillingham, AK- Wednesday, Senators Joe Manchin (WV)  Continue reading

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You Write The Caption—6

Two of my best buds in the world are pictured here. Their home water is the Bitterroot, and that is where this picture was taken, regrettably, without me in the equation. Fact is, I don’t know when this image was snapped or who snapped it, but I can say Bitterroot with relative certainty and I can say, “It’s cold out there.” I’ve never understood people when they say, “Well, it was raining” or “It was snowing” or “The Continue reading

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More Canned Beer for River Floats

Show up for a float down the river with a six pack of bottled beer and everyone knows right away what you are: A rookie.

That’s right. Bottles are kryptonite to a quality float trip because 1) they can break and 2) they don’t crush down so you end up having to pack out a way more trash than you would have if you’d only been smart enough to bring canned beer.

The problem with that whole scenario is that many brands of craft beer haven’t been available in cans  . . . until the last few years when Kettle House Brewery started pumping Continue reading

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How Did That Happen—Seahawks Headed to The Super Bowl

Being a Northwest guy it should be no surprise that I was locked into the NFC championship game yesterday. Probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I did manage to break a kitchen chair when the Packers tied the game up in the last few seconds. My girls thought that was pretty cool but wondered why I was so upset. I told them I had a lot invested in the Seahawks, 37 years of investment, in fact, and then they understood. It wasn’t like they weren’t on the edge of their seats—they were hollering Continue reading

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Hiking the Cascade Crest Trail—fishing could be next

This would be an epic trip and as a kid growing up in western Washington, I always wanted to take this challenge on. Now, after the book Wild came out and everyone having decided that the CCT is something they have to do, it’s not as appealing of an idea as it used to be. For me. Still cool, but I’ve always liked doing things that are original. Who’s going to be the first to do this from the fishing angle? Now that would be epic. You’d need more than five months so maybe you just cut it down and go from NorCal to Canada, or from southern Oregon to Canada. Anyone game?

This video came from Big Agnes, which makes some killer gear for backpacking and camping. Good stuff for your Continue reading

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Truck Accessories—Gear to get you out there and back

I penned this piece for Fly Rod & Reel back in the summer after putting this gear to a solid test. I’ve had it for six more months now and still feel that this account is very accurate. I am especially proud of the Thule M.O.A.B. 690 XT. That thing saves me when the back of the truck is loaded up. The Sidearm is a bit difficult, I have to admit, but only because my truck is high and when you mount that onto of the M.O.A.B, and then put a mountain bike on top, you need a fire ladder to reach it and you have to look out for Continue reading

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Climate Change Could Be Good For Dolly Varden

I don’t know how you feel about dolly varden/bull trout, but I like them. Especially when it’s so hard to find steelhead on some of western Washington’s rivers these days. In Alaska, dollies always play as the ugly stepchild to sea-run cutthroat, steelhead and salmon, but at least  most people aren’t throwing them on the bank to rot like they did in the old days. So, you may take news that climate change is helping dolly garden as a good thing. I’ll take whatever fish I can get, but I think the jury is still out on all of this. Here are Continue reading

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Montana Bull Trout Numbers Stable

Biologists say Montana’s bull trout numbers are stable, but that shouldn’t indicate that anglers will be let loose on this “threatened” species anytime soon. As you probably know, specifically fishing to bull trout in Montana, except for a couple places, is illegal. Anglers, however, regularly Continue reading

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