Patagonia’s New Waders, 2016—designed and endorsed by the Wader Task Force

I had a chance to test Patagonia’s new waders in August while fishing several streams in East Idaho. Patagonia has placed a lot of effort into these waders with the goal of creating the best wader on the planet. They had to: in past years inconsistent manufacturing practices caused too much variation in the performance of PG waders so the company formed the Wader Task Force to make their waders the best they could be.

I only got a couple days on the water and the waders performed nicely, but I’m going to give them a more arduous test when I pack them with me on several trips during 2016, to see how Continue reading

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Redington’s Elements: The Art of the Spey

Here’s the second installment of Redington’s video series called, Elements, which shows short clips that artfully describe what we love about fishing. If you’ve thrown spey rods you know what this one is all about. If you haven’t but want to this shows how the cast, alone, can be mesmerizing and make a day on the water. I always equate spey casting to shooting Continue reading

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Caddis and Baetis Declines on Montana’s Missouri River

None of what you are about to read should arrive as a surprise, as hatches do shift in strength over time. That’s been the case on Idaho’s Silver Creek, ditto on Montana’s Big Horn, and now on the Missouri River.

Recently, comments from anglers prompted Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks to study the composition of aquatic macro invertebrates on the fabled Missouri and this is what they may have learned: dry fly fishing may not be as good as it used to be but the opportunities to drift scuds and sow bugs may never have been better. Or something Continue reading

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How To Get Through Winter: A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Big Dreams

It actually rained in Missoula, Mont., yesterday and it’s expected to again today. That makes the existing snow on the ground patchy at best. Roads are a mess of slush. Potholes go six inches deep. Piles of snow near the sidewalks are cruddy with dirt and salt. Roadkill, including feral cats, are now being revealed by Continue reading

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Elements: Redington’s New Video Mini-Series

Yesterday we ran a video from Redington’s series called Find Your Water. Today we are showing you a clip from Redington’s new video series called Elements, a mini-series about the moments that define fly fishing, meaning the little things: repetition, hope, landscapes, presentation casts, and rushing waters. The first episode, called RISES, is a glimpse into Continue reading

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Redington’s Find Your Water: Tarpon

Winter here in Montana. But not everywhere. Check out this video from Redington’s Find Your Water series and maybe it will make you feel a little warmer, certainly jealous. But don’t sit there and whine about it. Mexico. Belize. Bahamas. Florida Keys. Glades. There are options, right now, to fish for tarpon and snook, and to do so in warm weather. So Continue reading

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Bundy’s Occupation of Malheur Wildlife Refuge Is A Sham

There are two pieces on the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge worth reading here, one being a great opinion piece from the New Yorker, and the other an opinion I wrote for Fly Rod & Reel back in September, shortly after having attended The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership’s media summit in Bozeman, Mont. I walked away from that gathering with a clear understanding that federal lands do not belong to states (or ranchers). They belong to us. And these tracts of federal land Continue reading

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Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Calls For Habitat Info

Anyone who fishes for tarpon should be interested in a Bonefish & Tarpon Trust program that seeks info on juvenile tarpon habitat and, logically, the protection of those critical areas. Why? Because if we don’t have juvenile tarpon we won’t have the mega-beasts either. This could be a fun way to  spend a day on the salt while contributing valued info for the preservation of the fishery. Here’s the dirt: Continue reading

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Patagonia’s Alpine Houdini Rain Jacket: A review

Patagonia’s Alpine Houdini Jacket
Let’s face it—we don’t always need a super-heavy, bomb-proof wading jacket. In fact, a lighter waterproof jacket is often more versatile, offering a defense against the elements while being highly packable. That’s key when hiking into some far off river or lake, most noted when backpacking to the West’s high-mountain trout waters, when ounces Continue reading

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Redington’s Chromer Spey: Big Hucks For A Fair Price

Whenever I travel to fish for salmon or steelhead, I like to take two sticks, one usually being some high-end rod that would make me cringe if I broke it, the other a less expensive model that’s perfectly capable of holding its own on the water.

That combination used to be Sage’s Deathstar and Redington’s Dually. These days it might be Sage’s Method or Thomas and Thomas’ DNA, or a lighter Helios2 switch, or even the buttery Echo glass that hides all of our casting weaknesses and is a blast to throw. And the second rod? Right now, I’m not Continue reading

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