If this doesn’t date me nothing will. This is a set list from a concert I went to, my first, in Seattle, way back in the day. I would say this was one of the best, if not the best, shows I have ever seen. I think my sister and I were the only two sober people in the Coliseum. Who else was there? Were you? If so, what was your greatest memory from that night? Which of these songs is your favorite? Why? AC/DC heads (you know who you are) let’s hear what you have to say. Is this your top band to listen to while cruising to the fishing grounds? Come on Deeter, I know you’re out there. Also, in general, what were your greatest memories from the Coliseum? Sonics? Other concerts?

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You Wish You Were Here—E WA

Headed to eastern Washington for my annual lake fishing foray and thought I would share some images of past success. These lakes rest out in the scabland north of Soap Lake and are tremendously fertile. The fish grow faster here than almost anywhere else and they are super aggressive and solid in April. That means a big, big bend in a five-weight. It’s going to be a big-time leech and chironomid show, as it always is. I’m loaded down with Snowcones but I’ve got some new techniques and flies to try out, too, and I’ll let you know how those work when I return. For now, enjoy the visuals and look forward to more next week.


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Alaska Bush Company—Your Best Story

Let’s keep it clean, but what’s your best story from this place? And how important do you consider a stop at this joint to be when you’re on a layover, so to speak, in Anchorage, waiting for a flight out to the Bay or beyond?

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You Write The Caption

Ok, think of the possibilities here. Let’s see what all of you can come up with as a caption for this image, which was taken on the Kanektok River in western Alaska, just upstream from the native village of Quinhagak. That boy on the boy is spey guru Dec Hogan. The man on the sandbar is yours truly. Send your words in via Comments.

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Spring Issue of Fly Rod & Reel

Thought I’d make all of you aware that the Spring issue of FRR is on newsstands now and it includes a great section on saltwater fishing, including accounts from two of my trips last year, one to Bimini and one to Abaco Island. In addition there is a great piece from, who else, Gierach, and an informative piece on micro leeches by lake-fishing guru Brian Chan. In addition we have a fun read from Chris Santella who details which flies to tie from common ROADKILL!  I think it’s a good read and would love to know your impressions of the issue.

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Orvis’ 2014 Matching Grants Focus on Stream Rehab and Belize

Orvis isn’t a company that goes around patting themselves on the back and playing to the media’s eye to recognize their donations to conservation efforts, so I thought I would do the back-patting for them. I once wrote a long piece about Orvis’ modesty and in doing the research I learned that they were donating way more to conservation than any other fly-fishing entity. If you hadn’t noticed already, Orvis has made some great strides in the past five or six years, upgrading their product lines significantly while becoming even more involved in the ff community. So, if you didn’t already have an excuse to fish their products, this should seal the deal. Here are a couple projects that Orvis is supporting that I thought you might like to know about, in particular their 1,000 Miles project that repairs or replaces antiquated culverts and their RARE campaign in Belize, which focusses on Continue reading

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Trailer Safety 101 with Robert Eddins, RO Drift Boats

Gumbo mud, Wide eyes and Trailering safety
By Greg Thomas
I recently added up the mileage; during the past 20 years I’ve driven more than 500,000 miles in the West, many over dirt roads, which I prefer over payment, and often through bottomless mud gumbo, ice or snow. During that time, I’d never left the road although I did whack five registered black Angus cows on a memorable August evening and I’ve taken out two mule deer.
But I’d never let the road. Until this May when I pulled out of Notch Bottom access on Montana’s lower Big Hole River and started along the infamous Burma Road. It rained and snowed all day and the road was absolute gumbo, although I didn’t really realize that until a particularly slippery turn, located about a Continue reading

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Titan Rod Vault Giveaway

Titan Rod Vault is giving away a few of their great rod carriers this month and I thought all of you would like to know where to enter the contest because, believe me, you want one of these for your vehicle.  How do I know? Because I have a Titan Rod Vault and it makes transport along the stream super easy and efficient, not to mention safer than throwing a couple rods in the back of a truck with a couple of wet and wild Labradors. Or laying them across the dashboard, or even sticking them out the window. With high-end rods costing $600 or more a piece these days, it makes sense to protect them. These rod vaults hold three fly rods, up to 10 feet long, and they are bomber, meaning they are made of sturdy aluminum and are lockable so nobody Continue reading

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Bitterroot River Skwala Hatch, Update

I’ve been in Seattle and San Fran for the past couple weeks so I’ve been out of the loop as far as the fishing and water conditions go, but my good friend Jed Fitzpatrick has been on the water, like always, either guiding his clients or throwing a line for himself. He summed up the current situation and I figured all of you would want to hear his descriptions. Worth the read here, especially if you live in Montana or Idaho Falls, or Salmon, or Spokane. Get on up here while the getting is good and before this massive snowpack really starts to roll.


I’ve been writing enough river reports and updates lately to fill a novel, so I’ve decided to send out one biggie to all of you to let you know what’s happening here on the Bitterroot River.
We are on the cusp of the famed Continue reading

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Chris Santella’s The Tug is The Drug fly fishing essays

With a title that says, The Tug Is The Drug, you know that Chris Santella gets it. I’ve fished with this boy, listened to him sing and strum a guitar, and I’ve swilled a few during the down moments, ranging from overnights on the Deschutes to prowling the flats around Bimini for giant bonefish. Here’s a collection of some of Santella’s best work and it doesn’t cost much for the read. When you buy this collection you are getting a great read and you are supporting the fishing fever of an even greater guy. Check it out.

30 Fly Fishing Essays from The New York Times and Beyond

You may know Chris Santella as the author of Fifty Places To Fly Fish Before You Die, Fifty More Places To Fly Fish Before You Die and a host of other “Fifty Places” books. The Tug is the Drug collects Santella’s first-person fly fishing narratives – including many stories that first appeared in The New York Times.
These thirty pieces take readers from leaping makos near the fairways of Torrey Pines to midnight Atlantic salmon fishing on the fabled Ponoi to encounters with very friendly mujeres on the streets of Havana… and even offer an unauthorized (yet unequivocal) account of Continue reading

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