Rock Star Fishing on Ennis Lake, Montana

Fall browns and rainbows in southwest Montana.

It was one of those days. I mean, November 4, in Montana, with the temperature right at 70 degrees. Not a breath of wind. Clear, blue sky. Ducks and geese passing overhead. Leaves still falling off the trees.

Sent one daughter to school and loaded the other into the truck for a short drive to a locla lake. Had to pack like a rodent getting ready for winter. Lots of cold weather gear and a down sleeping bag, just in case things got bad. Lots of healthy snacks, water and a little Gatorade, too. Threw in the shotgun for good measure because my girls now like it when I shoot at ducks or geese. And I strung the Redington Pursuit with a double nymph rig, one of the flies being my GIE egg imitation. IĀ loaded the Sage rod with Galloup’s Streamer Express line and put on a articulated leech, one of Galloup’s creations. Can you say slay city?

Man are trout fat during fall. Loaded up on browns and rainbows and let Myka reel in a few. She was actually more interested in screaming at coots and waving at fellow anglers. Between snack and pee requests I landed a dozen or more trout, a couple studs, too, possibly 18 or 19 inches. Thought you would enjoy a few shots from the day, maybe a little incentive to call in sick tomorrow and get out on the water. It’s supposed to be warm again. I’ll be out there once I pick one of the daughters up from school at 2. Hope you enjoy.

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