Back to Washington’s Back To The Wall

Got to tell you I’m excited. I’m setting up the tent tonight for my weekly indoors campout with Tate and Myka, and then I’m packing the rig in the a.m. and pointing it toward Coulee City, Washington.

That’s where I’ll meet northwest angling guru George Cook, for another weekend at Hole in The Wall, a private ranch with two incredible lakes that harbor rainbows and browns breaking the 30-inch barrier. This isn’t fishing in a stocked pond. Those lakes are big and the fish aren’t always easy. But when it’s on it’s gong-show on. That’s what I found last year when Cook,

Andrew Bennett and I launched an attack on the lower lake and came up with a couple fish in the 25-inch range. Then, Cook and Bennett took off to shoot some video and I ended up landing three fish that pushed 28 inches, but without help I couldn’t find a good place to land those beasts on shore and get a quality picture. This year I’ll figure it out.

A "decent" one from the lower lake.

Anyway, that’s where I’m headed, stillwater arsenal ready to roll. Here are a few pics from last year. Look forward to sharing this trip with you early next week.

Part of the reason why these fish get giant. Scud central.

Mr. Cook getting in the act with a modest critter from the upper lake. Check out the sweet Sonic Pro waders.

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2 Responses to Back to Washington’s Back To The Wall

  1. Frank Coleman says:

    i will not be missing out on saturday next year….. Sunday was good, you guys had too much fun without me on Saturday
    looking forward to next years trip already after watching your video

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