Weekend fishing in eastern Washington

Left last Friday for an annual assault on two of eastern Washington’s best trout lakes, dos super-productive scud, leech and chironomid-rich waters where rainbows grow to the 30-inches long and nobody bats and eye at 22-inchers.

So, let’s cut to the chase. On Saturday I hooked 21 rainbows and landed 16 of them, with these appealing measurements—two 23-inch fish; two 25-inch fish; a 26-inch fish; and a 28-inch fish. I lost the biggest fish I hooked, a mega-beast I figured to go 29 or 30-inches and weigh 10 pounds or more.

Spent most of my time wandering the banks with George Cook, who hosted me on those lakes at Back to the Wall Ranch outside Coulee City, formerly know as Issac Ranch. For big rainbows, that are especially hot during spring, you can’t beat this place. We blind casted leeches and chironomids some of the time, but also sight-fished to some cruisers that made our jaws drop, fish that we didn’t end up hooking. We broke for an awesome lunch of fine wines and hard salami, Cougar Gold cheese,  roasted peppers and onions. By the end of the second day we hand’t made it back to Land of  The Lost, which leaves much reason to return again next year, same dates.

Spent some time on some bass lakes, too, and found a couple pigs. Sorry. I haven’t eaten a bass in 20 years. Had to do what I had to do. Releasing them from here on out, but tomorrow night I’m preparing a special meal for Myka and Tate. RIP Senor Bass.

Here are some pictures from the trip. Hope you enjoy. And, if you have any interest in fishing these lakes, this year or next year, contact George Cook at geocook@comcast.net If you can get on these waters there’s no way you’ll think anything other than, That was worth the price!

Eastern Washington's natural art.

Carp don't eat.

Largemouth bass.


Eastern Washington bass turf.


He no like-'em leech.

Home sweet home. The ala cozy.

What would a fishing trip be without Georgie pumping up the base?

Hucking line on the upper lake.

Lunches were rough.

The well travelled Number One served as bartender and comedian on this trip.

Cook with a beast he took on a 10-foot 2-weight and 4X tippet. He chased this 'bow for 40 yards down the bank. Wildness.


First fish on Sunday.

Hold on tight. You'll be fighting him for five minutes, at least.

Frank putting the stick to a jumper.

Cook with a hog.

Can you say, shoulders.







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5 Responses to Weekend fishing in eastern Washington

  1. Shaun says:

    Pigs! Impressive pics, looks like a lot of fun. Please send me the specs…thanks.

    • Greg Thomas says:

      If you would like to book a day or two at Back To The Wall you can contact George Cook directly at geocook@comcast.net
      If you can get on those lakes you’re going to love it. Very worth the investment in my opinion, and I’m not the biggest fan of private lakes. But these are gems in an awesome setting and you’ll fish around some very, very cool people. Let me know if you get on. Send pics. Have a blast.

  2. Todd says:

    Way cool report. I wished I had fished more still waters when I was in the west. Next time.

  3. Looks like a sweet trip! That’s quite the meal too! Great read and really enjoyed the pictures.

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