Geocache Alaska: Redington Pants and Tonic T-Shirt

Alright my Alaska brothers. Any of you heading down to the Russian for reds or up from Homer, Kenai or Soldotna for a day on the Gulkana?

If so, take a quick turn into the Tern Lake recreational site, right where you choose to head to Seward or Kenai/Soldotna/Homer and punch in some numbers to your GPS. In return you should find a zip lock bag with some Redington lightweight pants in it, along with a Tonic T-Shirt and some Tonic stickers.

But you better get there quick. I did not hide this well and the place gets visited. If you don’t get there soon mugglers are sure to score. I did a quick pitch because the mosquitoes were chowing down on Myka and Tate. Get there fast or it will be gone. Great view, one of my favorite Alaska locations.

Hint: Second or third picnic table on the left of the trail, near water.

North 060 31 796′    West 149 33 336′

Good luck and let me know if  you found it before mugglers arrived. Hope you enjoy.

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