ExOfficio’s Give-And-Go That’s Fly Boxer Brief…the Alaska test

This may sound like more than you need to know, but I’ll tell you anyway: on a recent 12-day trip to Alaska I only packed two pair of underwear.

It was an experiment in packing light because, inveriably, I always pack way more than I need and end up using about half of what I bring. And that costs me in checked baggage fees. So I called ExOfficio and asked for a couple pair of underwear to test on this trip. They suggested the Give-And-Go That’s Fly Boxers and Boxer Briefs because they are super lightweight, highly breathable (think about that while hiking on a hot day in waders), and they can be washed out in a sink. And they dry quickly.

I’ve kindof always been a Michael Jordan cotton brief dude, but I have to say that the ExOfficio undies are the most comfortable I’ve ever worn and I wish I had a few more pairs for everyday use. I can’t say that ExOfficio didn’t warn me—in their product description they say, “Breathable, lightweight, odor resistant and long-wearing, you will toss them into your carry-on for every trip. Soon they will replace every other pair in your underwear drawer.”

The same could be said for ExOfficio’s Men’s Give-N-Go Short Sleave Tee, which I also packed on the trip instead of the typical half-dozen heavy cotton T-shirts I usually bring. And the Short Sleeve Tee served similarly well. Super lightweight. Breathable. And so comfortable that I would like to wear it everyday at home.

In this age where airlines are gouging the heck out of us this clothing line is super valuable. That wearing these underwear feels great is one big bonus. And think about this: these underwear aren’t cheap, meaning $30 for the boxers and briefs and $38 for the Short Sleeve Tee. But I think you’ll learn quickly that scaling back with these lightweight underwear and possibly only bringing a carry-on bag for your next big trip will immediately save you baggage fees. By the second trip you’re in the green and wearing the most comfortable underwear on the planet.

Yours truly, modeling ExOfficio's Give-N-Go underwear. Yea right.

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5 Responses to ExOfficio’s Give-And-Go That’s Fly Boxer Brief…the Alaska test

  1. Collin says:

    Own 2 pair. The only thing I ever wear on trips. Rei will sometimes go 50% – that’s when you hit em up! I’ll wear them a week straight, maybe tish up with some baby powder each morning. Just the truth!

    • Greg Thomas says:

      Yep. Gold Bond helps and accompanies me on all trips. But these things are awesome and you don’t know it until you’ve tried them. Which makes me think, People probably think I’m crazy writing about underwear. But the truth is I’m just trying to do everyone a favor because these things are great. You know that. And, yes, REI, on sale is a good time to grab them. Can’t wait. Hit up Exoffiio.com

  2. D-summ says:

    I guess you dudes are better at hygiene than I am. I’d have those drawers destroyed after 2 days without a washing machine.

  3. Seth says:

    Normally I’m not a big commentor on blog posts – and most certainly not ones relating to men’s underwear, however, I feel compelled to share on this one. I turned to these boxers in an attempt to get rid of the horrid cotton boxers that left my junk all hot and sweaty during summer fishing and, well, any manly activity during the heat. Especially now, as I find myself in a total career 180, now enjoying life as a pipefitter/plumber for a commercial mechanical company. Quite often we work in mechanical rooms, boiler rooms, etc. and heavy work pants/jeans and cotton boxers make for long, unenjoyable days. Long story short – these are the only boxers (not the boxer briefs – I like my boys to have some movement) that I will ever wear in non-cold seasons. When it’s cold, I sweart by L.L. Bean flannel boxers, but I digress. I implore all of you to try these – you will throw out your old boxers that day. These are super light, extremely breatheable and have cool features like proprietary anti-bacterial/microbial scent killing whatevers, and they dry almost instantly. No longer do I suffer with hot, swamp crotch and it is awesome. Anyhoe, I think that’s about enough sharing with you about my junk and thoughts on male panties. Moral – get them.

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