Oregon Votes Down Gill-Net Ban

Oregon voters shot down a ban that would have eliminated non-tribal gill-nets on the lower Columbia River and likely increased fish passage to all the alluring Columbia tributaries, including the Deschutes, Klickitat, Methow, Okanogan, Grand Ronde, Clearwater and Salmon rivers, among others. Give this a read. You’ll need to come to your own conclusions.

One effort to end commercial gill-net fishing on the lower Columbia River came to an end during Tuesday’s general election with two-thirds of Oregon’s voters saying no on Ballot Initiative 81.

“Unofficial election results” displayed Wednesday on the Oregon Secretary of State’s Election’s Division web site show that more than 66 percent voted against a measure that would have made it illegal under state law for non-tribal commercial fishers to used gill-nets in Oregon “inland waters,” which would include portions of the Read More

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