Back To The Wall Ranch 2013

Just got back from a weekend throwing for hogs. I’ve fished these two lakes, which are located on Back To The Wall Ranch in eastern Washington, for three straight years, always in late April. This year was a memorable affair as the fish are absolutely giant and they were on the leeches and chironomids both days. For just more than a couple hundred bucks you could have fished these lakes, too. As much as I don’t like to pay to play, these aren’t ponds and the fish have plenty of places to hide. You have to find them and sometimes you have to figure out what they want to eat, which means going through your entire box to get a take. Other times, like this weekend, it was just super easy on the leech. So, for that fee you too could have been hucking in the wind for rainbows that stretched past 30 inches. The average fish? About 21 or 22 inches. On Saturday I went 16 for 19 with several fish in the 30 inch range. On Sunday, before I quit fishing at 2:30, I went nine for 11 with one fish over 30 and several in the 27 to 29-inch range. I don’t know where else you can do that. These fish were solid, well fed, and fought hard. They were not beat up, just solid, solid rainbows and, in my opinion, they are well worth paying a fee to catch. Interested in 2014? You better book your dates now. And if you want to do so, let me know. I’ll work out the particulars. A question: do any of you know a place or places that offer this type of fishing, for that size of fish, on public land? Just curious. The only thing I can think of is the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana. Thoughts? Enjoy the pics.

Marinated and spice crusted lamb, elk tenderloin, sausages, pickled garlic, roasted walnuts and almonds, jalapeno jam, pickled peppers . . . It was a major spread and much appreciated.

Thanks to Warren Sly, nobody went hungry. What a lunch spread!

Just another little guy ready for release

Possible 30-incher, one of many that pushed that length. These fish chowed Thin Mint leeches and chironomids like crazy, even though the wind was blowing 40 and the lake was whitcapping like crazy.


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    Jeezus. Ridiculous.

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