Slough Monsters: Spring is Prime For Montana’s Northern Pike

Had some fun putting this video together for Field & Stream and its Facebook page, Hookshots. This vid serves as a reminder that pike fishing is an option while most of our area waters are running high and fast. In fact, the rivers may be ripping along at Mach III and most trout have their heads down, but the backwaters and sloughs are just right for pike, with mostly stagnant water warming each day. Look for these beasts on the Clark Fork, Bitterroot, Clearwater, and Flathead rivers, to name only a few places where they can be found. Pishkin Reservoir is another great option. Use heavy tippet in the 20-to 30-pound range or go with a wire leader. Rubber tail imitations get strikes, but even trout streamers work on these aggressive fish. Bring jaw spreaders and long forceps or pliers . . . or stand to get bit.

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