Fishpond’s Yellowstone Wader Duffel

Massive Gear Storage from fishpond

Last September, after the Fly Fishing Retailer trade show in Denver, I wandered west to Carbondale where Kara Armano from Backbone Media put me up at a local bed and breakfast. She also delivered a stack of gear for me to test on the local rivers, including the Frying Pan and the Roaring Fork.

This sweet duffel carries all the essentials and still has room for duty free.

Fortunately, one of those products was fishpond’s Yellowstone Wader/Duffel bag, a cavernous, solidly built canvas bag that allows anglers to carry everything they need whether chasing trout in the Rockies, steelhead in the Northwest, or even bonefish and permit in the Keys. Since the Colorado trip last fall, this had become my go-to bag because I’m a bit of a gear-head and I like to be prepared for all types of weather, which means I have to take a lot of stuff. I don’t know of another bag that offers as much easily accessed space as fishpond’s Yellowstone so it works well for me.

No kidding, it all fit in the Yellowstone duffel.

The bag’s greatest attribute is its anvil-style, wide mouth top opening, which allows you to “peel” back the top of the bag and easily access your gear, even those items that are at the bottom of the bag. In addition, there’s a vented bottom compartment for wader and wading boot storage. It also includes a flip out mat that can be used to stand on while gearing up or down in muddy or wet conditions. If the main compartment and the wader storage area weren’t enough, there are three oversize outside pockets for additional storage, a great place to keep tippet spools, books, flasks, snuff tins, and cigars.


Overall, this bag, made of 16-ounce cotton canvas, offers 5,850 cubic inches of storage. What does that mean? Check out the photos below for an idea.

You can order this bag directly from fishpond at


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