Professor Bodkin Rod Carryer

A solution to taking down thy rods

There’s  nothing as maddening as having to break down your rods and rest them on the dashboard or behind the front seat or, worse, loose in the back of a pickup with Labrador retrievers, while traveling to the next prime fishing spot.

This is especially a pisser when you are road fishing, meaning jumping from one good run to the other, those runs being separated by no more than a mile or two. I dealt with that issue for too many years before securing Professor Bodkin’s Rod Carrier. The magnetic bases attach to the hood of my truck and to the roof. The rods are held in place on the padded mounts and a fixed bungee keeps the rods from “jumping.” I’d feel fine cruising down a bumpy forest service road with my spey rod arsenal held in place—and that’s about, what? Four-thousand worth of product attached to the hood? You want something sturdy and secure when you’re moving around with today’s great, but expensive rods. And this rod holder is secure.

Lately, I’ve been bopping around the Madison with my single-handers secured with the Bodkin rod carrier and you’ll soon see a dude with four spey rods attached to the hood, tooling around the Ronde and Clearwater. The only drawback: there’s no lock on this thing so you have to keep an eye on your goods. Say you’re taking a break at Bogan’s while fishing the Ronde, or you need some flies for the Clearwater and you’re headed into the Red Shed to talk to Poppy—best keep an eye on your loot.

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