Skwala Stoneflies, Southwest Montana Style

I thought it was a little late in the season for skwala stoneflies but I got out on the water yesterday with Dan Summerfield and we saw more skwalas on the water than either of us has seen before. At any given time, in some places, there were dozens of skwalas on the water. It wasn’t red-hot fishing, for sure, but we managed four fish for the day, one on a streamer and one on a skwala dry. I broke off a fish that was larger than either of the two big guys we landed…and that was on the dry, too. Take a look at these fish and let your dreams begin. Oh, and a report? The lower Madison is pretty muddy. The Gallatin is pretty much blown. The upper Madison is runnig perfect color. The Jefferson is pretty muddy. But, the cold weather returns tonight and the streams should drop and clear slightly before temperatures reach 70 on Thursday. Get it while you can!

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