Where in the World: Photo Contest

Here’s the second version of our Where in the World photo contest where you, the angler, gets to twist your brain for an answer. This is one of my favorite shots of all time, not a fly-fishing specific image, you’ll note, but interesting and humorous in a a photo-documentary sort of way. Your only hints here: the dude was pulling off a bottle of schnapps and smoking filtered cigarettes. Ok, this too:
he was fishing near a place where you could end up buying some of the best market food in the world. And another: that’s a yellow perch dead on the pavement.

If you know where this is, exactly, place and country, send a response through the comment option and, if you are correct, we’ll send an Angler’s Tonic T-Shirt your way, plus a UV coated, Cool-Max Yellowdog Fly Fishing Adventures signature BUFF.

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