Fly Rod & Reel Fall Issue

I’m really excited about this fall version because it’s packed with entertaining stories and it also offers a lot of go-do-it suggestions. And the quality is there. For instance, I killed a scheduled feature story because, after reading it in July I thought, How many damn times have I read this story before? The answer to that question was, lots of times. I don’t think a print magazine can afford to waste one page and running that story would have, in my mind, wasted several pages of the mag. So, I did some fast coordination and put together a fall hatch piece that offers interesting first person narratives and enough information for you, the reader, to go out and match the hatch. These hatch options are spread across the country so there’s something for all.

In addition, the full story of my recent Alaska trip is contained in this issue and that is a crazy read. I think you’ll enjoy. Our Robert Traver Fly Fishing Writing Award winner is also presented in this issue, supported with illustrations by my father, Fred Thomas. In addition, there are stories on redfish, black drum, river midges, new gear, new books, Cape Cod stripers, music, Ozarks trout, fiberglass rods, Colorado trout, etc.

Really, I┬áthink this is a powerpacked issue and I’m very psyched to hear back from all of you. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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